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About the Impact Program


The TAG 5 Impact Program assists young people with a disability to make the necessary life transitions from school to young adulthood.


The Program operates on weekdays and each day you have the opportunity to participate in structured activities which promote healthy active living. These activities will help you to develop practical and social skills to assist you to build your independence. The Program gives you the chance get to know new people and form lasting friendships.


We'll pick you up and drop you back home.

As a part of the Impact Program, we pick up all participants in the morning and drop them home at the end of the day. 

Impact Program

Day Activities 


Each school term we run a full schedule of activities on weekdays. Each term offers different activities. Activities may include:

  • Gym 

  • Futsal

  • Dance classes

  • Theme parks

  • Cinema 

  • BBQ lunches

  • Sports and games

  • Swimming

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Night Events  


Every second Friday, TAG 5 hosts a night event. We pick up and drop all participants home at the end of the night. To keep things interesting, night events change each term. Our night event activities include: 

  • Movie nights 

  • Bowling

  • Sporting events 

  • Lawn bowls

  • Bounce

  • Outback Spectacular 

  • Eat Street 

  • Mini golf

  • Discos


Learn new skills

A key aim of the Impact Program is to help participants gain skills that can be used in their everyday life and build healthy habits. 

Life Skills
  • Budgeting and money management

  • Using public transport

  • Sustainability and the environment 

  • Personal hygiene

  • Cooking 

Social Skills
  • Building relationships

  • Working in a team

  • Social awareness and interpersonal skills

  • Polite and clear communication

Healthy Lifestyle
  • General health and wellbeing 

  • Exercise and sport

  • Making healthy food choices


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