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TAG 5 is an organisation set up ten years ago to provide recreation and sport for people with a disability. Over the years the organisation has grown and today they are accredited to deliver programmes across Australia ranging from 1 to 1 respite care through to overseas tours and Pacific cruises.

This coming November the TAG 5 futsal team will travel to China with the Qld Futsal Association, and in 2019 they will tour the United Kingdom.

Australian Futsal Association (AFA), founded in 2010, has followed a similar path of growth. Today AFA delivers futsal in all states across Australia, from local competitions to international touring teams, and the growth of both organisations owes a lot to the fantastic working relationship they have.

AFA’s long serving CEO Alistair Miller has been chairman of TAG 5 for three years and a director for six. TAG 5 working directors Germaine Arrigarda, Rod Vasquez and Rod Vasquez (junior) are all state coaches for Queensland Futsal Association.

Through the collaboration TAG 5 provides employability opportunities for aspiring futsal players. Currently two Atletico Brisbane players working for the organisation full time and another five senior and youth players are employed part-time.

Both organisations also share training, centres, training equipment and buses.

To put it simply when AFA needs a hand, TAG 5 is there, and when TAG 5 needs a hand they can count on AFA.

For more information about TAG 5 visit http://www.tag5.com.au.