"K, had a really good camp, Looking forward to the school holiday Camp" from S

"Thanks for Friday Night, he had a ball at Eat Street, he liked the Support Staff that picked him up, He ha the best time and is so excited for the Soccer Event" from T

"WC, had a wonderful time and is very impressed with all Camp Staff" from DC

"as parents we would like to thank all the staff that helped make the 3 days a wonderful experience for R, it seems like he really enjoyed the setup, we would also like to thank the admin staff for putting everything together for the program to run smoothly as we know that it does take a lot of hours and may be logistical nightmares at time" from H & Y

"A big thank you to all the staff for the recent Camp for A to attend, as usual she was well cared for, It's lovely to have that break as well as lovely for her to get away and interact with different group of teenagers.  We thank all the workers who were on camp with her as well as the staff behind the scenes in arrangements" from T

"Sounds like he had a great time, He seemed very happy when we picked him up, we are so impressed by you and all your staff, you are all very professional and positive.  It's so nice and it makes us feel that our child is in good hands" from F & K

"I would like to say that we happy with you all at TAG 5.  The carers are awesome and can see that they not only treat their clients as clients but as a friend as well.  We have seen over the last couple of years that A has grown up and is now a wonderful young man.  I guess he just wants to be treated & respected for who & what he is & we know that TAG 5 will do that, Thank you" from LW